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G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike Yellow

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Prepare your little one for an adventurous day and to practice their balance skills prior to the real bicycle with the G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike in Yellow from the Swiss brand Micro Mobility.

– Front suspension ensures a smoother ride even on rough surfaces.
– The two carving wheels are attached to a skateboard truck which can easily be mounted on the G-Bike, and they provide additional stability and help keep the G-Bike standing upright, therefore making it especially suitable for small kids.
– For older children, the carving wheels allow them to slide their G-Bike for a cool surfing sensation.

Technical Specs:
– Handlebar height, 60cm.
– Seat height: 35 – 46,5cm.
– 200mm PU 78° Shore A wheels.
– Age suitability: 2 - 5 years.
– Surface use: Asphalt, cobblestone.
– Weight: 2.45 kg without carver / 2.88 kg with.
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